VIP Trolley Bags: Buy Luggage Bags Online

So you want to purchase a trolley bag online? But not sure where to head? Let us help you shop your perfect travel companion. One of the best brands manufacturing in bags is VIP Trolley Bags.

VIP Trolley Bags buy online
VIP Trolley Luggage Bags

Few insights of the VIP Trolley Bags

The VIP brand is one of the oldest manufacturers of travel accessories. In fact, the very first VIP Suitcase was manufactured in the year 1971.

You will be surprised to know that VIP Industries has sold over 60 million pieces of luggage to people around the world and have subsequently become the foremost manufacturer of hard and soft luggage.

The VIP Brand works with an aim to make travel simple and convenient for millions of people around the world. VIP industries manufactures an array of products and provides numerous different services with the Product port-folio of VIP Industries Ltd. Not just in trolley bags, the manufacturing list of the brand consists of a diverse range of hard-sided and soft-sided luggage. The range includes strolleys, suitcases, duffel-bags, backpacks, executive cases, overnight travel solutions and school bags.

What makes VIP Industries so unique is that VIP Industries Ltd. is the parent of many renowned brands like VIP, Aristocrat, Alfa, Footloose, Skybags and Carlton which cover the entire spectrum of travel products.

What makes VIP brand so special?

VIP Industries Ltd. has more than 8000 retail outlets across India and with a network of over 1300 retailers across 27 countries. The legacy of VIP continues to be as true as ever and the constantly expanding range of products is only evident of the high value associated with innovation and improvement at VIP. VIP works tirelessly towards bringing out products that are not only the need of the hour but are pioneers for the future. The quest for providing you with products that are unique is what sets VIP apart from its competitors.

Why we recommend you to shop from the VIP Trolley?

As per our expert analysis following are the advantages for which you can consider shopping under VIP brand:

1. Quality can be blindly trusted. Products of VIP brand goes through Tumble Test, Handle Test, Lock Test, Drop Test, and Wheel Test. All components are rigorously tested which includes testing of material, zippers, wheels, lugs and handles.

2. VIP luggage bags facilitate buyers with an option to pay in installments. Flexible payment options including digital payment methods.

3. VIP trolley bags weight is around 2.30 kgs, the lowest in the industry and very convenient to travel by air.

4. VIP bags also offers 1+3 years of warranty and an instant customer service support.

Why we DO NOT recommend you to shop from the VIP Luggage?

1. If you looking for abundant variety and ranges to choose your bag from, VIP industries might disappoint you. The range of options they provide are narrow as compared with other competitors.

2. The VIP trolley bags price chart may also disappoint you. The basic price range, keeping aside the deals and discounts, is above average than the chart compared with the other brands in the same industry.

How much do we rate VIP brand?

When it comes to rating, we rate 4.5 stars out of 5 stars to the brand. The best part of purchasing your travel accessories from this brand is that it will never disappoint you with the quality of the product, you will get a durable and tested product, excellent support services and installment payment methods. The brand lacks at proving you the various choices in respect to patterns, designs and colors for your purchase and somehow fails to provide you all the best features at a lower price range.

Weigh the merits and demerits of this brands as per your demand list. Make sure you choose the right trolley bag brand for your purchase!